• True Spec Premium V2 14.8V LCG 6200mAh 110Amps/90C

This first batch of new 6200 LCG cells is 8% off on mAh.  This is our first attempt at making a LCG pack at 6200mAh and the cells came out a bit thinner then expected.  The price has been reduced by 10% for this first batch.  The mAh is 5700mAh under a 35 amp discharge.  We will work with the factory to increase the thickness of the cells to reach 6200mAh on the next batch.

True Spec Premium V2 14.8V-6200mAh-110 Amps/90C pack.  LCG pack only 37mm in height.  The lower weight of this 4S pack will help balance out your buggy/truggy.  The lower height will improve the handling due to the center of gravity being lower. True Spec Premium V2 cells come from one of the leading factories in China that uses quality materials that produce cells with low internal resistance.  This is the same factory that makes our popular True Spec Extreme Graphene cells.  

- Built with wide tab cells for lowest possible internal resistance.

- 10AWG wires soldered straight to the tabs. 


Pack Specs
Milliamp Hour 6200mAh
Voltage 14.8V
C Rate 110 Amps / 90C
Configuration 4S1P Hard Case
Length 139mm / 5.47in
Width 48mm / 1.89in
Height 37mm / 1.46in
Weight 488gr /17.21oz

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True Spec Premium V2 14.8V LCG 6200mAh 110Amps/90C

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