• LowRider 21.5T 540-2 Pole

Patent Pending

ROAR Approved

BRCA/EFRA Approved

Low Rider 21.5 Turn 540-2 Pole motor:

Certified stators which means every motor will have a stator that is wound to a very tight tolerance of 0.50 mOhm between motors when measured from the A , B or C solder tab to the collector ring

34mm Diameter with offset mounting holes which allows the motor to be mounted 1mm lower than current motors for the lowest possible center of gravity.

50mm Length keeps the weight closer to the center of the chassis for optimal weight balance.

This motor only weighs 137 grams which makes it one of the lightest stock motor on the market and 20 grams lighter then the Monster Max.

7.2 x 12.5 sintered 42UH rotor.

Warning:  Due to the high magnetic flux inherent to the stator design, unloaded sensor deviation tests may appear to vary between bench tests. This is normal and is not a factor on a loaded motor on track.

Caution about timing: this motor has a LOT of KV. Testing has shown best results with timing approximately 8 degrees less than conventional “thin leg” Spec motors. Check your temps until you figure out timing and gearing!

Video on how to set timing using amp draw

Recommended Amp/Timing:  44 degrees on the Motolyser at 3.7V

We recommend you start with one teeth lower then you previous motor and adjust if need be.

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LowRider 21.5T 540-2 Pole

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