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Low Rider 6.5LW Turn 540-2 Pole motor:  The 6.5LW motor uses our stock stator to lower the weight and resistance.   This motor will have more power then the regular 6.5T but has a lower weight for an even lower center of gravity.  Recommended use on high bite tracks.

34mm Diameter with offset mounting holes which allows the motor to be mounted 1mm lower than current motors for the lowest possible center of gravity.

50mm Length keeps the weight closer to the center of the chassis for optimal weight balance.

17.5% lighter than our Totemic Modified motor further lowering the center of gravity.

A 12.3x5 sintered rotor, with magnet strength matched for smoothness and still have tons of rip.

Warning: this motor has a LOT of KVs. Our testing has shown that it requires at least one tooth smaller pinion than is typically used for a given wind. Don’t worry, it still has tons of rip even with a smaller pinion. Always monitor motor temperatures as you dial in your car to a new power plant.

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LowRider 6.5T light weight 540-2 Pole

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