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As most of you know C rates have basically gone out of control in the past few years and are basically just used for marketing to try and sell packs. SMC is well known as a leader in the RC car Lipo market as we offer very good packs at very good pricing. We decided to bring our quality packs to the flight market. We will start with a few models and expand the line as it grows. 

Since C rates have become useless we decided to come out with our own rating system that will mean something. We have done allot of research and communicated with some very well respected guys on RC Groups who have done allot of battery testing and helped us better understand what is important to the flight customer.

SMC True Spec Rating:

Every battery is rated by Amps. In theory amps is pretty much the same as C rate but the difference with our Amp rating is that we're actually listing how we get the results so anyone can do the same testing and confirm our rating. This means true results you can count on.

All testing is done at 25 degrees Celsius 77 Fahrenheit. The pack and room must be at this temperature for testing.

mAh: The pack must give it's rated mAh under 50% discharge of it's claimed amp rate down to 3V cutoff per cell. This is tested on a iCharger 4010 Duo set at 2C charge to 4.20V charge termination.

Amp Rate: The packs amp rate is determined by the IR(Internal Resistance) of the cells in the pack tested with the Full Analysis ESR meter.  This means the amp rate is the maximum amp rate you can use and expect the pack to not have any voltage sag or get to hot and get damaged.  The Full Analysis ESR meter incorporates the calculations made by the Lipotool.


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True Spec Extreme V2-1400mAh 14.8V  45A

True Spec Extreme V2-1400mAh 14.8V 45A

This pack is a 1400mAh 14.8V pack that comes with a XT60 connector installed. Cells have low inte..

$39.95 $19.95

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