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We are currently in the process of testing a revised formulation for the Extreme packs from a new factory that we believe can make theme better when it comes to reliability and cycle life.  We have removed the packs that were out of stock as we don't know when the revised models will be back in stock.  We will do our best to get these back in stock once we are sure that we can offer a better pack.

The True Spec Extreme packs are optimized to give maximum voltage under load and are the strongest possible packs for there weight , size and mAh. 

True Spec Extreme Notice:

We have been getting several inquiries about the proper use of our True Spec Extreme packs. They are high end, all out packs that will give you the best possible performance. The “but” with this, is like all maximum performance products, they are not for everyday use. Have you seen a NASCAR motor going 100 000 miles? Or a sprinter running a marathon? Our True Spec Premium packs offer great on track results and are the go-to pack for regular users. Those that need the extra punch and lower resistance, such as stock racers or insane speed run racers, should use the True Spec Extreme packs, noting that like a F1 motor, their ultimate life is much shorter than an econobox 4 cylinder mass production engine. Since these packs are pushed to the limit to give maximum performance we will only warranty packs that have a cell go bad within the first 6 months of use.  This doesn’t cover packs that expand or swell.  The active nature of the materials used in these packs tends to create more natural expansion of the cells then regular packs.  Only use these packs if maximum performance is required at the expense of some cycle life and reliabiltiy.


The whole subject of C rating has gotten wildly out of control within the RC industry. The C rating is supposed to be the battery’s ability to provide current, but has evolved into a marketing ploy to make packs look better. SMC, as a well-known leader in the RC car battery market, has followed along with this trend. We have always offered quality packs at great prices, and our C rate scale reflects the performance of a pack, i.e. our 100C Extreme packs have a higher performance than our 40C Factory Spec packs.


 Most of these packs are ROAR approved, meaning they have C rating, that reflects our placing of these packs within the market compared to our competition’s packs. But we now also include our True Spec rating which is more accurate then C rate as it's based on true measurements.


SMC True Spec Rating:

Every True Spec battery is rated by Amps. In theory amps it is pretty much the same as C rate but the difference with True Spec Amp rating is that we're actually listing how we get the results, so anyone can do the same testing and confirm our rating. This means true results you can count on.

All testing is done at 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) on a fully charged pack. It’s important that the pack has settled at this temperature, as temperature can easily influence the result.

Amp Rate: The packs amp rate is determined by the IR (Internal Resistance) of the cells in the pack tested with the Full Analysis ESR meter and actual capacity of the pack (the capacity printed on the pack should always be verified by an actual discharge cycle). Then these values are entered into the Lipotool. This tool was developed (not by SMC) to help users get a true handle on their packs real world performance.

Using our True Spec amp rating you can determine which pack will provide more power/speed.  The higher the amp rating means the internal resistance is lower which allows more voltage under load to get to the motor.


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True Spec Extreme 7.4V 6000mAh 190 Amps/150C wired

True Spec Extreme 7.4V 6000mAh 190 Amps/150C wired

True Spec Extreme 7.4V 6000mAh 190 Amps/150C  ROAR ApprovedOur True Spec Extreme packs are f..

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