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Due to demand we now accept pre-orders on models that are out of stock. This is done like a regular order where you must place the order and pay. At anytime if you want to cancel or change your pre-order contact us at orders@smc-racing.com and give us your order ID number and let us know you want it cancelled or changed. Orders will only ship once all items on pre-order are in stock. If you order a model in stock and a model on pre-order, the order will only ship once the out of stock model is in stock.

One of the factories we buy from is having issues with the IR (Internal Resistance) of most models.  Due to this issue we have removed these models from our site as we don't know when and if this issue will be resolved.  We've released some new models that are a bit cheaper and have good performance at a great price.  We're doing our best to find a new source for some lower IR packs.  Low IR packs are geared towards the high end racers who can benefit from a pack that will have a bit more power.  For most club racers and customers who play with RC cars, our regular models we have in stock now will give you great results. Thank you to all our loyal customers who understand this situation and that it's beyond our control.  We don't feel right selling packs that are out of spec.



Check out our new Info & Tips section that will help you better understand LiPos.

Superior Matching Concepts (SMC) has been a leader in the R/C battery industry for close to 20 years. With numerous IFMAR world championships and national titles under our belt, our track record as both a leader in the field and an innovator in the industry is well known. SMC's philosophy has always been to provide everyone, from the competitive R/C racer to the backyard novice, the highest quality battery money can buy. We spend countless hours testing on the track and at the shop in an effort to extract the most performance out of our packs. Every step is taken to formulate a battery that not only outperforms our competition, but is durable under even the most demanding conditions.

With the advent of the internet, the whole landscape of our industry has changed dramatically. No longer do racers and enthusiasts simply purchase items from a brick and mortar store. Parts and supplies are ordered from all over the world with a click of the mouse. Competition is fierce and pricing can be extremely competitive. The battery business has been particularly affected by this new way of doing business. Packs are available from China at prices that seem too good to be true. This environment makes it extremely difficult for a small company like SMC to compete selling product through the normal distribution/dealer network. For this reason, we have decided to launch this website as a way for us to counter these companies that seem determined to undermine the industry. We will be introducing all of our batteries, along with some other R/C related items, available directly from this site....at amazing prices. So now you will be able to purchase the highest quality SMC packs at incredibly competitive prices and have them shipped directly to you.

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